Grilled Chicken With Kung Pao Sauce

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     We’ve all been there: After another long day at the office, you collapse onto the couch, hit speed dial, and order the couch, hit speed dial, and order Chinese takeout—with a large side of guilt. You know all that fatty fried meat smothered in sauce is a calories bomb, but it’s quick and easy—and you swear you’ll save half for tomorrow’s lunch.
     Well, we have a better idea (and you can eat the entire thing): a slimmed-down version of kung pao chicken, a Szechuan staple. Created by Chris Yeo, the owner and executive chef of Sino Restaurant + Lounge in San Jose, California, the recipe calls for grilled, skinless chicken breasts in place of the typical breaded and deep-fried stuff. “By flame broiling the chicken instead of cooking it in oil, you cut tons of fat,” says Yeo. “And since you’re using low-sodium soy sauce and unsalted peanuts, the sodium is also drastically reduced.”
     So put down the phone and get grilling. We promise you won’t miss the greasy Styrofoam container—or all those extra calories.
Weight Loss Recipes : Grilled Chicken With Kung Pao SauceGrilled Chicken With Kung Pao Sauce
Before : 510 Calories(for 4 ounces), 36 Grams of Fat
After : 173 Calories(for 4 ounces), 5 Grams of Fat
Serves 6
Prep time: 5 minutes
Total time: 15 minutes
  • 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, rinsed and patted dry
  • ¼ cup plus 2 tbsp low-sodium soy suace
  • 1 tbsp black or red rice vinegar (or red wine vinegar)
  • 1 tbsp plus 1 tsp water, divided
  • ¼ tsp sugar
  • ¼ cup oyster sauce
  • ⅛ tsp sesame oil
  • ½ tsp cornstarch
  • ¼ cup unsalted peanuts, chopped
  • 1 scallion, slivered
  • Grill chicken (you can use either a barbecue or 10-inch grill pan) over medium for about 7 minutes on one side and 3 on the other or until cooked through.
  • In a medium saucepan, mix soy sauce, vinegar, 1 tbsp plus ½ tsp water, sugar, oyster sauce, and oil. Bring to a boil over medium.
  • In a small bowl, combine cornstarch and remaining water; drizzle the mixture into the sauce. Return sauce to a boil and simmer for about 1 minute or until slightly thickened; remove from heat and set aside.
  • Using a pastry brush, coat each chicken breast with sauce. Garnish with peanuts and scallions and serve immediately.
Make 6 (1 chicken breast, 2 tbsp sauce) Servings:
Weight Loss Recipes Amount per serving: 173 calories, 5 g fat, <1 g saturated fat, 5 g carbs, 29 g protein, 1 g fiber, 24 mg calcium, 1 mg iron, 071 mg sodium


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