Have A Steamier Love Life Tonight

You may have noticed you feel more body-confident after a sweat session. But working out can improve your sex life in another way as well. Researchers at Fatih University in Turkey found that active women have more blood flow to their clitoris than sedentary women do, which can help them achieve stronger and more frequent orgasms. The study authors say getting your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes most days of the week will give you the boudoir benefit.

Coffee can help you sober up


According to new research from Temple University, coffee doesn’t improve decision-making skills in tipsy people. “What’s worse, it can make you feel more alert, which may cause some people to believe they’re fine to drive when they’re not,” says study author Thomas J.Gould, Ph.D. In fact, other findings show that people who mixed booze with caffeine were more likely to get behind the wheel when drunk than those who didn’t. The next time you overdo it, skip the cup of joe and find your designated drive (or call a cab) instead. Once you’re home, chug a big glass of water and hit the hay—you’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Easy ways to make your hove safer

Your house is your haven, but new research finds it could also harm your health. Three surprising culprits:
  • Your floors

    A study in Environmental Science & Technology found that dust can contain lead and arsenic, which are tracked in from outside. To stay safe, remove your shoes at the door.
  • Your vacuum

    Never cleaned the inside of this appliance? Consider this: Researchers at the University of Arizona found that most vacuum brushes are contaminated with mold. Disinfect your ny spraying if with white vinegar every month.
  • Your computer

    More people are tripping over exposed computer cables, reports a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Get those wires under control with a Cable House cord organizer. (ใส่โฆษณา)

No neck ache tonight!

Got a crick that won’t go away? Your cell phone may be to blame. More than 18 percent of women suffer from neck pain every year, thanks in part to the texting craze. Researchers at Temple University found that habitually looking down while holding your phone may take a toll on the neck and shoulder muscles.      To relieve pressure, limit your texting to no more than five minutes at a time (while looking up regularly) and do this simple stretch: Bend your head forward to your chest. Roll your head to the right, bringing your cheek to your shoulder; hold for three seconds. Roll back to center, then repeat to the left side.


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