4 healthy foods that cost less than $1

Tryng to tighten your grocery budget? If you’re not careful, you may have to loosen your belt. ”In an effort to save money, many women trade fresh produce and lean meats for processed foods that are high in calories and fat,” says Molly Morgan, R.F., author of Choose Right Supermarket Shopping Guild. “But some of the most nutritious foods are also the cheapest.” Add these wallet- friendly picks to your shopping cart.
Sweet potatoes
60 CENTS EACH Each spud packs 4 grams of fiber and more than 25% of your daily vitamin A and C needs. “Cut one into wedges or thick slices, toss with olive oil and sea salt, and bake for 30 minutes at 425 F,” says Morgan.

Frozen spinach
45 CENTS PER ½ CUP These greens are just as flavorful and vitamin K-rich as fresh spinach. After defrosting and draining the excess water, mix into pasta dishes.
Black beans
34 CENT PER ½ CUP Ounce for ounce, these legumes have the most antioxidants of any bean. For a quick meal, sauté with onions, garlic, and tomatoes and serve over brown rice.
16 CENTS EACH Eggs are one of the best sources of protein. Hard-boil a batch at the start of the week, says Morgan, then slice one on top of toast or add it to a salad or sandwich.

Sweet whole-grain cereals
Even though your childhood favorite is now being made with whole-grain oats, it doesn’t give you a free pass to pour yourself a big bowl. “Many sweet cereals that contain whole oats or rice still have very little fiber and more sugar than a doughnut,” says Keri Gans, R.D., a New York City dietitian. For lasting energy, look for at least 3 grams of fiber and fewer than 10 grams of sugar. –JUNO DcMELO


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