Save Energy in Your Kitchen

You already recycle religiously and always unplug appliances. Now starts cooking up some savings with these four easy moves
  1. Wash dishes while you sleep “The hours of peak energy use are between 4 and 8 p.m.,” says Kate Heyhoe, the author of Cooking Green. During that time, power plants are less efficient, turning on extra stations to cope with the surge. Run your dishwashing before heading to bed or work and only when it’s full.
  2. Trash your garbage disposal It eats up extra electricity and water, so turn yours off and scrape your scrape into a compost bin instead.
  3. Use the oven light Each time you open the door to check on your pot roast or cookies, the temperature drops roughly 25 degrees—
    requiring you to cook your food longer. Also, whenever possible, Heyhoe recommends opting for the stove top, which is up to six times more energy-efficient than an oven.
  4. Dial down the heat No need to keep the burner on high once the water starts to boil; conserve energy by lowering it to a simmer. – JENNA AUTUORI


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